So many of us treat career upsites with the same anticipation as we might treat a new friend. A new job can transport us to fairyland right away and put a smile on our faces knowing that what we have left is much more wonderful than what we took away. It’s all about the journey not the destination and finding that wonderful something that is going to take us down the right path toward joy and fulfillment. While the path may change over time, we can be sure that the journey will be smoother if we have walked on the road that is currently paved with gold.

Sometimes the journey is a little harder. Sometimes the destination is just out of reach. If we have been paying attention, we may have become discouraged about our situation or we might just be in a place where we wish we were. Whatever the case, we need to continue traveling down the path toward success.

How to Have Success in an Eyelash Extension or Beauty Studio

Sometimes we have a tendency to stall out or settle in place. We have a tendency to get stuck in positions that we don’t want to or that do not utilize our unique gifts. Instead of simply taking what life handed us, we tend to take on a job that uses up what we have learned, one that may not utilize our natural talents or that limits us creatively. We also tend to stick to jobs that pay the most money or that are at the bottom of the food chain. While this may seem like a copout, it could also be indicative of a lack of self-ivation or the inability to go the extra mile. It could be a sign of burnout.Or, we may be so stuck in our job that we feel like a forced — or fake — victim. We are no longer in control of what we do; we are at the mercy of someone else. We have allowed someone else to hairstyle our hair and we dare to apply for a job that we may not be naturally suited to. I’ve personally experienced moments of being expected to do things that my nature was not quite suited for. The chemical sideways look of brown hair can come on strong at times, making me look like a blend of roots and a brush. Sometimes, it is a look that is on the way to permanent.

Always Continue to Build Your Skill Set

Gradually we begin to realize that although we may be able to do things naturally, the outcome may not be what we planned. While natural reactions may overlap and compliment each other, there is a point when we can no longer contain the excitement of doing things that are really enjoyable. Natural reactions are an invaluable resource for those of us who love to watch the wonder of the universe at work. As an example you may want to take a course with the Lash Training Center to advance your career as an eyelash extension artist.

I have witnessed some of my clients turn natural positive extensions into powerful self-promotion tools. A good example of this is a client who is an expert in child development and encourages parents to use the “greeting card” as a way to communicate with each other. This is a way to ease any potential communications barriers that may exist. She would like to encourage parents to send greetings or notes to one another on or about their “baby.” This is something that she explains is a way to build an environment of trust and provides a route for connection to occur. When I asked what would happen if she sent a thank you card with the “greeting card” she said she would receive a card from the mother with a handwritten note expressing her appreciation.

Consider Taking Online or In Person Courses to Advance Your Career

This same client is a certified professional resume writer and has developed a way to reach out to families and individuals she has contracted to write for and with clients. Her goal is to write down any name that has appeared somewhere in the past and reach out to that person making contact. She starts by writing down her name and the name of the person she is writing to and then follows up with a call or email. The goal is to continue building a relationship with the family or client and to eventually entice them to act on the written request. She has developed a word-of-mouth network of several hundred contacts that she uses regularly.

You too can develop the same type of expertise and reach out to thousands of people in your area with very little effort. Information is now available online in the form of books, articles,Certified Interview Techniquesploma Course and much more. All you need is an idea and the desire to start Building Your brand online.

Let me know what you think and good luck!

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